It seems like our beloved Samsung, the smartphone king, is facing a bit of a sales slump in the country, and we’re here to uncover the truth behind the mystery. A little birdie told us that the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) did a little shuffle with the tax regulations concerning phone imports. And let me tell you, it’s caused quite the stir in the smartphone industry! A spot-check reveals that sales have taken a tumble.

The director of Mobile experience at Samsung East Africa, Charles Kimari, spilled the beans and told us that the changes have hit mobile demand right in the gut. Prices are soaring high like kites in the sky, making it a tough call for locals who love their budget-friendly entry-level smartphones.

The Great Smartphone Scarcity

Hold your horses, folks! Over the past few weeks, we’ve been experiencing a bit of a smartphone shortage. And it’s not just official vendors feeling the heat; even non-official vendors are raising their eyebrows in concern. With limited smartphones on the shelves, retailers are raising prices faster than we raise our eyebrows when we see a jaw-dropping tech gadget!

A Beacon of Hope: Samsung’s Premium Plans

But fret not, for Samsung is planning a comeback like no other! The outlook is promising, my friends. Samsung is eyeing a 30 percent increase in sales for its premium foldable devices. That’s right, we’re talking about those sleek, futuristic wonders that fold and unfold like magic! They’re expecting to sell 3000 units through pre-orders alone in the next 3 weeks, with 500-700 units flying off the shelves every week for the rest of the year. Talk about a tech revolution!

Buy Now, Pay Later: The New Trend

In the world of tech, there’s always a silver lining. Samsung is adapting to the changing times like a tech chameleon! Charles Kimari revealed that they’re shifting gears, targeting people who may not have all the cash but are itching to get their hands on those cool gadgets. Welcome to the era of “Buy Now, Pay Later” models! It’s like a tech installment plan, but for gadgets! No cash, no problem!

Trading in Old Gadgets: A Rising Trend

Oh, but that’s not all! Samsung has another ace up its sleeve. It seems the trend of trading in old gadgets is on the rise, and it’s gaining momentum faster than a cheetah chasing its lunch! Charles predicts that the number of gadgets traded in will reach a whopping 800 this year. Talk about recycling tech in style!

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