Kenya has numerous agricultural riches with one standout being the vibrant legume: the yellow bean! Originating from America – when cultivated within Kenya’s specific conditions found around Rift Valley, Eastern zones or within parts of Central Kenya farmers have realized its potential as a lucrative source of income. Yellow beans treasure troveed nutrients benefit health on multiple levels delivering sound weight management while also contributing to reduced risks of heart diseases since they’re low in fat and high in fiber aside from being rich sources of folate, iron and potassium.

While kenyan dishes featuring traditional ingredients remain popular – we’ve seen increased utilization on restaurant menus where these beans aren’t just limited to main dishes but as plant-based protein alternatives where vegetarians or vegans seekout these features across soups, salads or patties.
One amazing aspect attributed to sustainable agriculture within leguminous plants is the yellow bean’s capacity to naturally enrich soil by fixing nitrogen from the atmosphere replacing synthetic fertilizers with healthier farming practices that farmer’s in this sector often favor.

To cultivate its full economic potential within Kenya and grow its agricultural economy – there is a need for more initiatives geared towards increasing awareness of this crop in terms of research, market access and capacity-building efforts. These actions will lead to healthy growth across Kenyan agriculture businesses driving forward sustainable development.

Average Price of Yellow Beans in Kenya

1KG220.00 Nyamakima, Nairobi

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