Let’s talk about a digital disaster that hit our country recently. A massive cyber-attack caused a major outage of more than 5,000 public services, leaving us in the dark for a whopping 48 hours! The internet and mobile payment platforms took an unplanned vacation, and boy, did it expose the threat of payment service disruptions to our economy!

The Attack of the Cyber-Beast

Picture this: M-Pesa, the lifeblood of Kenya’s economy, found itself gasping for breath. The M-Pesa App, which handled transactions worth a staggering Sh1.3 trillion in the past year, was hit hard during the attack. It was a tough test of our readiness against cyber-attacks, especially since the government is pushing most of its services online. Talk about high stakes, huh?

e-Citizen, the Bull’s Eye

The cyber-attack focused its sights on e-Citizen, the government’s beloved e-services portal. It’s like the heart of our digital landscape! That platform dishes out critical government services like driver’s licenses, passports, visas, and more. But the attack left it in shambles, and everyone’s wondering if we’re ready to tackle these digital demons.

The DDoS Dance

So, how did this chaos happen? The clever hackers used a tactic called Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack, jamming the servers with meaningless Internet traffic. It was like a virtual traffic jam, and the legit users couldn’t get through. Pure cyber-chaos!

Anonymous Sudan: The Cyber Avengers?

Here’s the scoop: A group calling itself “Anonymous Sudan” proudly took credit for the attack. Maybe they thought they were cyber-avengers, but all they did was wreak havoc!

Cabinet Secretary to the Rescue

Amid the digital storm, ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo stepped up and described the situation. He assured us that no data was accessed or lost during the attack. Phew! He promised to put in place measures to deal with this digital nightmare and create a robust risk mitigation framework. It’s like building a digital fortress to protect our services!

The Fallout and Frustrations

The cyber-disruption rippled through the entire economy. Kenya Railways struggled with payments, electricity bills couldn’t be paid via M-Pesa, and even visa processing hit a snag. It’s like the cyber-attack monster messed with our daily lives!

Taking Cybersecurity Seriously

Our president, William Ruto, has big plans for Kenya’s digital future. He envisions a digital superhighway, creating jobs and making life easier for us all. But he knows the dangers too. He acknowledged the challenge of cyber-security and the need to stay vigilant. It’s like embarking on a digital adventure with both excitement and caution!

The Road to Recovery

As the dust settles, we’re left wondering how we can avoid this cyber-nightmare in the future. The National KE-CIRT/CC and NC4 are on high alert, monitoring Kenya’s cyberspace and advising critical information infrastructure organizations on cybersecurity. It’s like having cyber-guardians protecting us from the shadows!

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