HFC, in an exciting development, has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Athletics Kenya (AK) that aims to provide affordable housing opportunities to a vast number of Kenyan athletes. This unique partnership will enable elite athletes and other members of AK to realize their dreams of homeownership at affordable prices, courtesy of HFC’s provision of home purchase financing. What sets this collaboration apart is that the financing will be available at incentivized rates through the esteemed Kenya Mortgage Refinancing Company (KMRC).

Beyond mere financing, the athletes will also benefit from comprehensive training on effective financial management and the invaluable significance of planning for affordable homeownership while they are still active in their sporting careers.This comprehensive approach guarantees that the athletes not only achieve homeownership but also acquire the essential expertise and understanding to safeguard their long-term financial stability.

Furthermore, this partnership opens doors to strategic affordable housing developers and offers opportunities for bulk allocation of government-affiliated affordable housing projects.Through a collective endeavor to submit joint applications to the State Department of Housing and Urban Development, the partnership strives to streamline procedures and optimize the athletes’ opportunities to obtain housing in these projects.

Robert Kibaara, the esteemed CEO of HF Group, expressed his sincere enthusiasm for this historic partnership. He underscored the strategic importance of this collaboration, aligning perfectly with the company’s overarching mission of enriching lives. “As a bank, we are dedicated to forging meaningful partnerships that empower individuals and make a positive impact. Through this collaboration, we aim to unlock the potential of our courageous sportsmen and sportswomen, granting them access to credit and the opportunity to establish their roots in their own homes,” Kibaara eloquently stated.

Moreover, he underscored the paramount significance of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in elevating the quality of life for Kenyans. Kibaara recognized the fact that many individuals rely on financing for their homeownership aspirations, and as a reputable bank, HFC is uniquely positioned to assist them. Equipped with relevant home ownership savings plans and end-buyer financing options, the bank strives to guide individuals through the journey of homeownership with ease and confidence.

General (Rtd) Jack Tuwei, the esteemed President of AK, hailed this historic partnership as a long-awaited initiative. He emphasized the magnitude of its impact, specifically in safeguarding the future of Kenyan athletes beyond their active sporting careers. Tuwei acknowledged the unfortunate reality that despite bringing immense glory to their country, many sportsmen and sportswomen continue to face abject poverty, grappling with rent payments and mounting expenses. The collaboration between HFC and AK promises to put an end to these hardships, offering athletes the assurance of a permanent roof over their heads.

In a heartfelt plea, Tuwei encouraged as many Kenyan athletes as possible to seize this golden opportunity and utilize their hard-earned prize money to invest in affordable homes under this transformative partnership. He stressed once again that the partnership was established from a sincere desire to prioritize the welfare of athletes, granting them a pathway to acknowledge their unwavering commitment. Through the act of investing in a tranquil and safeguarded residence, athletes can discover serenity, contemplate their extraordinary accomplishments, and bask in the knowledge that their exceptional talent and arduous endeavors have not been futile.

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