Crown Paints Kenya Plc, a leading paint firm, has demonstrated its commitment to corporate social responsibility by extending a generous sponsorship package of Ksh 1 million to the University of Nairobi. The sponsorship is dedicated to undertaking much-needed repairs at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, located at the university’s main campus. This initiative aligns with Crown Paints’ overarching goal of contributing to environmental improvement through strategic partnerships and community engagement.

Quick Summary:

  • Crown Paints Kenya Plc sponsors University of Nairobi with Ksh 1 million for repairs at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning.
  • Outgoing Vice Chancellor Prof Stephen Kiama commends the partnership, emphasizing its role in promoting innovative approaches to sustainable development.
  • Prof Kiama calls for increased collaboration between universities and manufacturers to harness local knowledge and reduce reliance on imported raw materials.
  • Crown Paints Kenya Plc General Manager Abhijit Roy highlights the importance of practical learning opportunities for students through collaboration with manufacturers.

The University of Nairobi’s outgoing Vice Chancellor, Prof Stephen Kiama, expressed his appreciation for the sponsorship from Crown Paints Kenya Plc. He highlighted the longstanding partnership between the university and the paint firm, emphasizing its focus on fostering innovative solutions for sustainable development. Prof Kiama underscored the importance of collaboration in identifying opportunities and challenges related to sustainable development, emphasizing the role of education in conserving natural resources and safeguarding the environment.

Furthermore, Prof Kiama urged Kenyan manufacturers to leverage the rich knowledge base available in universities, particularly in research and development. He encouraged manufacturers to explore innovative approaches to reduce dependence on imported raw materials and harness local talent to drive the “made-in-Kenya” agenda. Prof Kiama emphasized the potential for universities to contribute to job creation and economic growth through research and collaboration with industry partners.

Representing Crown Paints Kenya Plc, General Manager Abhijit Roy reiterated the importance of collaboration between universities and manufacturers. He emphasized the value of practical learning experiences for students, suggesting that factory visits and industry partnerships offer invaluable insights and opportunities for skill development. Roy outlined the allocation of the sponsorship funds towards essential repairs at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, including the refurbishment of pin-up boards and the provision of new steel frames. Additionally, the sponsorship will support the recognition of excellence among undergraduate and master’s students in planning, further enhancing the quality of education and promoting competitiveness within the field.

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