SasaPay, a prominent player in the mobile money platform sector, has recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with the MedSource Group, a leading healthcare solutions provider in Kenya. This landmark collaboration aims to bridge the gap between pharmacies and SasaPay’s innovative payments platform, ushering in a new era of financial inclusion and efficiency in the healthcare industry.

MedSource Group, which extends its services to an impressive count of approximately 5 million patients annually, operates through a network of over 770 subscriber community pharmacies and private healthcare enterprises across the country. Recognizing the transformative potential of digital financial services, these healthcare enterprises are poised to harness the power of SasaPay’s mobile money platform to offer an array of financial inclusion services to patients and customers.

The integration of SasaPay’s specialized payments technology into the healthcare landscape is poised to streamline operations and drive cost efficiencies for hospitals, clinics, consultants, and other entities within the sector. Daniel Njoroge, the Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer of SasaPay, emphasized that this strategic partnership is tailored to address the unique requirements of the healthcare industry, ultimately simplifying processes and reducing operational costs. By accelerating the revenue cycle, enhancing customer satisfaction, and optimizing collection processes, SasaPay’s innovation is set to make a significant impact on the healthcare ecosystem.

Effective from this August, the collaborative effort between SasaPay and MedSource Group has initiated a phased rollout plan. As part of this plan, SasaPay has introduced MedSource as a distinguished premium healthcare provider on their SasaPay App platform. This integration not only positions MedSource as a pioneer in embracing transformative digital financial solutions but also underscores SasaPay’s commitment to enabling seamless interactions within the healthcare domain.

Vinod Guptan, the Chief Executive Officer of MedSource Group, affirmed the strategic significance of this partnership. He highlighted that the collaboration aligns with MedSource’s mission to enhance the operational efficiency of its member entities. By empowering healthcare providers to manage their businesses more effectively, MedSource envisions a future where healthcare service delivery is elevated and accessible to Kenyans nationwide.

MedSource’s unique role as an aggregator of healthcare business demands, connecting them with pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, complements the innovative approach of SasaPay. This partnership promises to unlock diverse business opportunities within the healthcare sector through streamlined and efficient financial solutions, culminating in a democratized digital marketplace.

In conclusion, SasaPay’s Deputy CEO, Daniel Njoroge, underlined the overarching objective of the partnership. He emphasized that SasaPay is dedicated to providing healthcare service providers under the MedSource umbrella with enhanced payments collection capabilities. By doing so, the partnership aims to empower healthcare entities to take control of their financial operations while embracing contactless and digital healthcare payment solutions. Through the convergence of cutting-edge technology and healthcare expertise, SasaPay and MedSource are poised to revolutionize the healthcare payments landscape, ultimately redefining the way transactions are conducted within the sector.

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