Safaricom and the Kenya Water Institute (KEWI) have joined hands in a groundbreaking initiative to bolster the water sector, aligning with the vital Sustainable Development Goal 6. This noble goal seeks to guarantee universal access to clean water and sanitation, while also promoting the sustainable management of this precious resource.

In an exciting collaboration, Safaricom will embark on the deployment of an innovative smart water system across KEWI’s esteemed Nairobi and Kitui campuses. This cutting-edge system will serve as a valuable tool, enabling hands-on practical training for students eager to delve into the world of water management.

Furthermore, the partnership will witness the birth of a pioneering smart water management curriculum, meticulously crafted through the combined efforts of Safaricom and KEWI. This curriculum will empower aspiring students, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the intricacies of smart water management.

Peter Ndegwa, the visionary CEO of Safaricom, wholeheartedly reiterated the company’s resolute commitment to transforming into a purpose-led technology enterprise by 2025. As part of this transformative journey, Safaricom remains steadfast in its dedication to collaborating with stakeholders to bring this vision to vivid life. Ndegwa emphasized the paramount importance of engaging with esteemed educational institutions, where the foundations of technological aptitude can be instilled in the younger generation, especially in the awe-inspiring realm of the Internet of Things (IoT).

To demystify the concept, smart water management encompasses the adept harnessing of IoT technologies to seamlessly oversee the multifaceted aspects of water abstraction, production, distribution, and consumption. By incorporating ingenious smart water meters into the system, data collection becomes a seamless and real-time process, revolutionizing the monitoring of utility consumption. These remarkable meters play an invaluable role in identifying losses and leaks, ensuring utmost precision in billing, enhancing revenue collection, bolstering operational efficiency, and ultimately leading to substantial cost savings.

With an ardent belief in the transformative power of IoT, Ndegwa elaborated on Safaricom’s wholehearted embrace of various technological marvels. In this awe-inspiring digital era, IoT stands at the epicenter, deftly reshaping traditional business models and presenting a boundless array of new and awe-inspiring products and services. The data generated by IoT devices serves as a catalyst for efficiency optimization, cost reduction, resource preservation, and empowering consumers to orchestrate their lives with utmost finesse and efficacy.

In the realm of capacity development for the water sector, KEWI stands as the esteemed institution mandated by the government. Not only does it provide vital short courses for water service providers, but its harmonious partnership with Safaricom appears to be the perfect synergy to tailor the Smart Water Management curriculum, precisely meeting the needs of the industry.

Leiro Letangule, the illustrious CEO of KEWI, voiced unwavering admiration for this forward-thinking collaboration, underlining its mission to tackle the ever-pressing issue of water scarcity head-on. The collaboration serves as a shining testament to their shared vision of leveraging technology and education as formidable tools in the pursuit of sustainable water practices and the conservation of this invaluable resource.

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