A laptop computer is an essential accessory to life on the move. But why make do with the traditional black or grey anonymous box? Let’s liberate the laptop through colour and funky accessories to make it stand out from the crowd! You can choose from a vast array of add-ons to make your laptop unique. Let’s take a look at what’s available.

Skins and Decals:

The simplest way to brighten up your laptop is to buy a coloured sleeve. Some laptops now have the option of interchangeable lids that simply snap on, so when you are bored with one theme or colour, just change the lid and, presto! A new look.

You can also apply stickers or decals to the outside of your laptop to personalise it, but if you are artistically inclined, why not go all the way and air brush your own design onto your laptop. Be careful in your choice of paint, as some could react with the laptop plastic case.

Mouse Accessories and Keyboards:

Personalise your laptop by attaching a funky mouse. These days you can get mice in a vast array of designs, from the shape of your favourite car to a sexy body mouse. If you are a gamer, try out the World of Warcraft mouse? Or for the health conscious, a germ free wireless laser mouse coated with silver and titanium dioxide particles to repel microbes. There’s even a mouse you can wear on your finger that tracks as you point.

You can complement your new mouse with a bright mouse pad, from a wide range of designs. How about a Vantec spectrum mouse pad or a print of your favourite Disney character?

It can be tiring using a mouse for long periods, so save your wrists with a mouse platform or a palm support. And for those late night sessions with your laptop, a set of glowing keyboard stickers makes for easier typing.

USB accessories:

For the long hot hours in front of your laptop, how about a USB fan or a trendy USB drink cooler? The computer geek will appreciate a neat pen holder that also doubles up as a status monitor for all your laptop’s major. And speaking of Christmas, who could resist a set of USB LED Christmas lights to brighten up the festive season?

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