Pesapal, a renowned pioneer in constructing cutting-edge payment solutions and business tools for the African market, has recently unveiled an innovative feature known as real-time settlement. This groundbreaking addition facilitates the swift transfer of funds into the accounts of merchants operating in Kenya, enabling them to experience unparalleled efficiency.

By leveraging Pesapal’s state-of-the-art e-wallet, Openfloat, merchants utilizing the Pesapal platform can now benefit from accelerated fund reception. The introduction of real-time settlement bestows numerous advantages upon these merchants, including expedited access to funds, enhanced cash flow management, mitigated risks of fraudulent activities, and an elevated customer experience. As a result, this development empowers businesses, particularly Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and larger corporations, granting them the flexibility needed to efficiently manage their financial resources and execute time-sensitive payments.

During the official launch of this groundbreaking feature, Agosta Liko, the esteemed CEO and Founder of Pesapal, expressed his excitement about the impact of real-time settlement. He emphasized that this novel functionality ensures immediate availability of funds to merchants, thereby enabling them to streamline their operations and make informed financial decisions. Agosta Liko further added, “We are delighted to introduce real-time settlement on the Pesapal platform. Going forward, our esteemed merchants will enjoy expedited access to their funds, ultimately resulting in the improved financial well-being of their businesses.” This sentiment was echoed by Agosta Liko, the CEO of Pesapal Group, who stated that merchants utilizing Openfloat can relish an array of benefits, such as effortless payouts to both bank accounts and mobile money services. Moreover, users can effortlessly monitor their cash flow in real-time through the convenient access to comprehensive transaction reports.

As an organization with a widespread presence in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda, Pesapal has garnered a reputation for its commitment to processing over 12 million transactions each month. Their ambitious goal is to connect one million African entrepreneurs to the realms of e-commerce, digital payments, and the global financial system by 2030. With the introduction of real-time settlement, Pesapal takes a significant step forward in revolutionizing the African business landscape, facilitating financial growth, and fueling economic prosperity throughout the continent.

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