Summer is almost here. Why not move your dinner parties outdoors? Hosting a summer dinner party does not have to be elaborate or exhausting. In fact, some no-fuss food and some summer-spirited imagination is all you need. Try the following ideas below.

Outdoor party creative themes

Party themes could be anything from tropical beach, Arabian Nights, Polynesia, camping, Luau, football and rugby. There are no hard rules here. Just pick a theme and arrange everything according to the selected theme.

Outdoor party menu ideas

Outdoor entertaining food can be simple. Consider the following options.

Fresh fruit: Stock up on navel oranges, avocados, grapefruit, peaches and plums.
Savoury tid-bits: Bacon-wrapped potatoes, breads/dips, grilled veggies and kebabs make for excellent appetizers.
Salads: Toss fruit, veggies, and meat to make a yummy salad. Potato salad, chicken salad, tomato and onion salad, pasta salad and of course, the classic garden salad are all great options too.
Meat: Marinated and grilled or barbecued chicken, fish, shrimp, pork, beef, or lamb. You should probably have at least two choices for your guests.
Drinks: Keep it simple with water, lemonade, soft drinks, sparkling drinks, wine, and beer. Hard drinks are not required, unless preferred.

Outdoor party decorating tips

A wrought-iron or wicker patio set or a gazebo would be a great investment if you plan to entertain friends a lot. But if it’s not within your budget, consider bistro sets, chaise loungers or wooden benches with lots of comfy cushions.

Handy décor tips

Arrange seasonal flowers to make a gorgeous centrepiece. Carnations, irises, freesia and heather are eternal favourites that will give your outdoor décor a pop of colour. To set the mood, use plenty of paper lanterns to create a dreamy and festive look. If possible, set up a fire pit and a hammock! Add to the ambience with the help of decorative torches (bamboo and sea shells look spectacular). Small décor items that make a world of difference are outdoor rugs, wind chimes and small twinkly lights. Some of your decorations could even be food items that guests could dig into!

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