Embracing the evolving landscape of technology in the Kenyan banking sector, NCBA Bank has introduced significant enhancements to its NCBA NOW app, offering Kenyans a seamless way to file their tax returns. In a recent communication sent to its customers via email, the bank revealed the incorporation of the KRA iTax Payment option into the app’s feature set.

The addition of the KRA iTax Payment option to the NCBA NOW app marks a pivotal step forward in simplifying the tax return process for Kenyans. The bank’s communication to its customers detailed the streamlined process: “KRA domestic payments (iTax) are now available on the NCBA NOW Mobile banking app! Simply log into the NCBA NOW app, select ‘Bill Payments,’ click on the iTax icon, and make your payment hassle-free.” This new integration offers users the convenience of managing their tax obligations directly through the app, transforming the way tax returns are handled.

Furthermore, NCBA Bank has introduced the Jamii Telcom Payment service through the NCBA NOW app. This service enables Telkom customers to seamlessly purchase Jamii Telkom internet data bundles using the bill payments feature within the app. This addition demonstrates the bank’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly banking experience to its customers.

The latest update to the NCBA NOW app doesn’t stop there. The bank has also introduced the “Hide / Unhide Balance Option,” allowing users to exercise greater control over their account balances displayed on the app’s dashboard. This feature empowers users to decide whether to showcase or conceal their account balances based on their preferences and requirements.

In addition, the new “My Cards” feature has been integrated into the app, offering users an array of functionalities related to credit and debit card management. Users can now conveniently make credit card bill payments, set and change debit card PINs, and access credit card mini-statements. This feature enriches the overall banking experience by placing comprehensive card management capabilities at users’ fingertips.

The continuous evolution of the NCBA NOW app exemplifies NCBA Bank’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance customer convenience and satisfaction. With the integration of the KRA iTax Payment option, the Jamii Telcom Payment service, and a host of user-centric features, the bank’s app has evolved into a versatile financial tool that caters to a range of banking needs. As the digital landscape continues to evolve in Kenya, NCBA Bank’s proactive approach ensures that its customers are empowered with the tools to navigate their financial matters seamlessly.

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