Mursik from Kenya’s Kalenjin community is an esteemed dairy product noted for its exceptional taste and cultural significance to this indigenous group. It comes courtesy from fermenting fresh cow’s milk obtained ideally from Ayrshire breed sources; this process takes up-to three whole days and owing to fermentation, the milk acquires a thickened texture and tangy flavour. Additionally, “olmurunya” bark during brewing imparts the unique albeit smoky back-taste thereby ensuring a discerning Mursik flavor.

The refined product is strained, achieving smoother consistency then poured into intricate traditional sotet kebono gourds. The resultant Mursik can act both as a revitalizing beverage and enhance the flavour of meat sauces or dishes by pairing with staple foods like ugali.

Mursik occupies a central cultural value for the Kalenjin people since it represents their hospitality, unity and a way of preserving their cultural heritage. Centre-stage celebration events such as marriages or other communal functions cannot be complete without sharing Mursik.

Kenya’s march towards modernization calls for preserving valuable legacies like that of traditional Mursik production; It echoes an abiding commitment by members of the Kalenjin community towards their heritage. It offers visitors to Kenya’s Rift Valley region an opportunity to explore this enigmatic culture while experiencing its sublime yet tangy taste wonders courtesy of Mursik. Join in celebrating traditions that make Kenya truly stand out! Discover Mursik, indulge in its centuries-old heritage pride.

Average Price of Mursik in Kenya

1Ltr300.00 Eldoret Town

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