Satisfy your sweet tooth with the much loved delight known as Mabuyu candy exclusively from Kenya! This delicious treat is made from baobab tree fruits uniquely grown in arid parts of Kenya that are both sheltering havens as well as a source of sustenance for local communities.

Our chewy bitesize candies are crafted by expertly blending baobab fruit pulp with delicious sugary flavors which give you an irresistible mixture of sweet plus tangy plus sour taste sensations! Our Mabuyu delights hold extreme cultural significance exchanged as special gifts throughout many celebrations and religious events all across our beautiful country and beyond!

The traditional medicinal properties which continue to provide relief for ailments like diarrhea or constipation have now taken on new life presenting our chefs with limitless culinary opportunities! We embrace sustainability here at Mabuyu. And our production of these candies has created significant economic prospects for local communities. Our integration into the global market means that we can showcase Kenyas heritage.

Promote our sustainable practices. And inspire those who indulge in our delicious Mabuyu treats. Let us take you on a journey full of genuine flavors and stories that will transport you to the iconic baobab trees found only in Kenya where the legacy of Mabuyu thrives connecting your culinary desires to the next level!

Average Price of Mabuyu in Kenya

100G100.00 Marikiti, Mombasa Town

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