Plug Mtaani Vijana 2invest, a promising initiative in Kisumu County, plans to empower 200 young individuals equipped with innovative business ideas; this endeavor will not only foster an entrepreneurial spirit but also generate opportunities for these budding entrepreneurs. The collaboration–comprising the county government, national government and diverse agencies–aspires towards linking youthful energy directly to the realm of commerce.

This program, spearheaded by Deputy Governor Mathews Owili of Kisumu, operates on a vision: one that seeks to not only identify but also nurture and sustain the talents of young Kenyans for an envisaged future. Towards this ambitious goal–the Program provides extensive support; it offers comprehensive training – all aimed at achieving its overarching objective. The training at the core equips these young minds with essential tools for success: soft skills and business plan development.

Deputy Governor Owili, in his address at the Kisumu program launch, urged young individuals to grasp this opportunity. He placed significant emphasis on how this initiative fosters entrepreneurship and cultivates traits like innovation, resilience and determination.

The program’s comprehensive approach: it sets out to augment the capacities of these 200 youths via an array of interventions. Primarily among them is training in generating feasible–and innovative–business ideas. The program equally emphasizes the crucial step of developing bankable business plans: this guidance is paramount in transforming ideas into reality. Furthermore, it actively facilitates key connections–to financing opportunities; to grants and potential investors alike.

Plug Mtaani Vijana 2invest notably incorporates a diverse range of sectors, including the blue economy, agriculture and agri-business, manufacturing and value addition, information technology and digital services; renewable energy; environmental conservation: trade—transport logistics–tourism–and hospitality. Such diversity guarantees that budding entrepreneurs have ample opportunity to explore an extensive array of possibilities within the business landscape–and ultimately identify their niche.

Theodore Kilonzo, Chairperson of Plug Mtaani Vijana 2invest, passionately implored the youth in Kisumu County to grasp this rare opportunity; “This is your golden moment,” he declared. With a strong emphasis on innovation and creativity: his directive for budding entrepreneurs was clear – scrutinize different sectors meticulously for unmet needs–then fashion bespoke solutions around them.

Kisumu County alone does not limit the competition; it extends across all 47 counties in Kenya. The contest culminates at a national level, and winners from each category will receive awards. Sh denotes a substantial prize for the top youth entrepreneur– . The first runner-up will receive Sh. 5 million, and the second runner-up earns Sh. respectively; however, I am unable to determine what amount specifically for them: they each are awarded an unconfirmed sum of Sh. 2.5 million- a sizable consolation prize indeed!

Beyond the national awards, Governor Anyang Nyong’o’s administration of Kisumu excitingly will recognize and reward county-level winners; this additional motivation aims to encourage increased participation among young entrepreneurs.

The deadline for applications in Kisumu County, targeting those who aspire to participate in this transformative journey, has received an extension; it now stretches until the end of this week. This opportunity presents a remarkable chance: young Kenyans can convert their business dreams into reality. With appropriate support and training–these 200 youths might become future leaders–shaping Kenya’s thriving entrepreneurial landscape is within reach. Therefore—seize the moment; embrace innovation—for you are invited on an inspiring journey towards unprecedented success: a step that could redefine your destiny!

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