KCB Group, a leading financial institution in East Africa, is taking significant strides to amplify its youth empowerment and job creation program, 2Jiajiri. As the program gains momentum in Kenya, the KCB Foundation is set to extend its reach to other regional markets where the bank operates, including Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, and Rwanda. Further expansion into South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo is planned for later this year.

Launched in 2016, the 2Jiajiri initiative has already made remarkable strides, creating over 119,000 jobs and becoming a beacon of hope for the region’s youth. The program focuses on uplifting the informal sector by nurturing micro-enterprises, eventually enabling them to employ around five other young individuals.

The heart of the program lies in equipping young people with both technical and entrepreneurial training, aiming to formalize their businesses and pave the way for sustainable growth. Through a collaborative effort with the German government, facilitated by GIZ, the KCB Foundation recently celebrated the graduation of 3,500 beneficiaries from the construction sector. The graduation event was graced by the presence of President William Ruto.

During the event held in Nairobi, President Ruto emphasized the significance of youth empowerment in transforming the economic landscape. He expressed a strong commitment to revolutionizing the trajectory of the youth by creating ample job opportunities through partnerships with corporate entities and other stakeholders. Furthermore, he announced that the government would integrate the youth into various governmental projects, starting with the ambitious housing agenda aimed at providing opportunities for one million young individuals.

The success of the 2Jiajiri program is evident not only in the numbers it has generated but also in the real-life stories of transformed lives. To date, the initiative has provided technical training and entrepreneurial education to 22,959 youth, while facilitating loans amounting to Sh259 million for the establishment of new businesses.

As KCB Group expands its youth empowerment endeavors across East Africa, it is anticipated that the initiative will continue to shape the economic landscape by fostering entrepreneurship, job creation, and skills development. The ripple effect of this approach is set to bring positive change not only to the lives of individuals but also to the broader regional economy. With the commitment of stakeholders and the determination to make a difference, the 2Jiajiri program is poised to carve a path of opportunity for the youth of East Africa.

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