Headboards are back in fashion. But if your budget does not allow you to splurge on a stylish headboard right now, don’t worry! Use your imagination and creativity to make your very own headboard. Here are some clever and inexpensive ideas for DIY headboards…

Screen headboard:

If you have a wooden screen lying around the house, see how it looks at the head of your bed. Wooden screens make for great ornamental headboards and add drama to monochromatic bedrooms.

Wooden shelf headboard:

Make wooden shelves (lots of them!) and stack them on top of one another in an interlocking pattern to create a statement piece that gives you lots of storage space as well.

Artwork headboard:

Have a favourite large painting? Hang it on the wall behind the bed for a stylish twist to headboards. You can also use graphic artwork from online sources and print it off on plywood at a local printing service store. These pieces make for stunning headboards.

Fabric and plywood headboard:

Take two or three pieces of rectangular plywood; attach wadding/filler with spray glue and wrap with colourful fabric with fun prints. Secure the fabric on the plywood with staples and install carefully above the bed with an inch of space between each piece. You can also use canvas instead of fabric.

Mirror tile headboard:

Buy several boxes of miniature mirrors and glue them next to each other in a rectangular formation to the wall behind the bed. Watch as your bedroom transforms into a beautiful and serene space.

Postcard headboard:

If you love to travel and have collected postcards from all over the world, arrange them in a rectangular pattern in lieu of the headboard. You can also use vintage album covers for the same effect.

Wallpaper headboard:

Buy rolls of wallpaper in coordinated or clashing colours/patterns and hang them like scrolls in three or four vertical panels. This gives your bedroom a great focal point.  

Picture frame headboard:

Use a large old picture frame and secure it against the wall. The contrast of the wall against the empty frame (wooden/metallic) will impart a rustic charm to your bedroom.

When making your own headboard, work with materials you already have and buy only coordinating supplies to spruce things up. But if you’re starting from scratch, scout local stores for furniture or décor items on clearance that would look good as a headboard.

Headboards add impact, visual interest and luxury to a room, letting you store decorative knick-knacks around your bed. Headboards don’t have to be heavy or overwhelming. Think out of the box; you never know what could make for a great headboard!

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