Are you planning a kitchen renovation? Here are some tips and ideas on improving and remodelling your kitchen without breaking the bank account.

Use 3D Rendering

With 3D rendering software, many of which are free, you can now create and edit images of your ideal kitchen. Before spending any money on renovations, experiment with 3D rendering to finalise the ‘look’ for your kitchen.

Decide on Colour Schemes

For a sunny look use warm colours such as red, orange and yellow. Large kitchens that receive allot of natural light may look better with a cool colour scheme, in leafy green and sky blue. You can also use neutral colours such as white and grey and have one wall painted in a brick finish for a more dramatic look.

Consider the Shape

The kitchen is no longer just a room meant for cooking. It is now a space for families to eat together and socialise with guests. Reorganise your kitchen into a U or L shape, and keep the sink, cooking range, and refrigerator in a triangular pattern. This arrangement will turn your kitchen into a pleasant communal area.

Fixtures on a Budget.

Kitchen flooring: Hardwood or laminate floors add class to your kitchen. Ceramic tiles that look like marble is also a great idea to be considered.
Sink settings: A stainless steel deep inset sink with two or three compartments and a fancy tap fitting for your sink should give your kitchen an instant facelift.
Granite top overlays: Opt for the granite overlays that simply go on top of your existing kitchen counter surface. It looks almost as good as the real thing!
Cupboard doors: Simply refacing the cabinet doors in bold dramatic colours will infuse new life into your kitchen.

Decorative Lighting

Using light fixtures strategically can make your kitchen dazzle. Skip fluorescent ceiling fixtures and go for mini chandeliers, dinette pendants, recessed lights and island track lights. Our best recommendation is to get under-cabinet lights. They make your kitchen look ultra-glamorous.

Selecting Appliances

Check out our kitchen category for good deals on bigger appliances like refrigerators and ovens. Buy ‘display units’ at local appliance stores that are often discounted up to 50%.! Go for appliances in a brushed steel finish which will make your kitchen look minimalistic and modern.

Using these tips, you can make your kitchen look chic at a fraction of the price and with the money left over, you can splurge a bit on a nifty coffeemaker, blender or food processor!

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