Like it or not, the way you dress tells a prospective employer a lot about you. Dressing for success isn’t necessarily going to get you the job, but it gives you an edge over others. So here are a few tips that will help you make a great first impression during that all-important job interview:

What to wear:

Keep it formal and conservative even if you know that casual wear is acceptable at the workplace where you’re being interviewed. You could wear a white silk full-sleeved blouse with flat front solid or pinstripe formal trousers or a formal skirt. A pant suit would also work very well, either with a classic formal shirt or a turtleneck in a neutral colour.

Job interview makeup: You want to look your best, but remember, it’s not a date! Wash and moisturise your face as usual. Follow up with some concealer over problem areas, a light coat of mascara, and a quick dab of lip-gloss. Avoid wearing eye shadow or lipstick in bright hues.


Your accessories must enhance your competence during your interview. A silk scarf is always a safe bet, as is a classic wrist watch. Make sure your shoes are closed-toed (pumps with midsize heels work great) and that your belt matches your shoes. Carry a briefcase or portfolio bag and leave the slouchy hobo at home. Wear minimal jewellery and cover up tattoos or piercings. Finish with just one spritz of a classy and subtle perfume on your collarbone.


Visit a salon a few days before your interview to get rid of split ends and touch up your roots (if you colour your hair). On the day of your interview, shampoo and condition your hair well. Blow dry for extra shine and wear your hair in a style that’s flattering but not exaggerated. It’s best to wear your hair up in a professional ponytail or a chic bun. Hair products such as sprays and gels should not be strongly perfumed.


Good grooming never goes unnoticed by interviewers. You don’t have to have an expensive manicure, but make sure that your nails are not too long, well filed, clean and freshly painted. Avoid overly bright nail colours or any kind of nail art/piercings. Invest in a good antiperspirant deodorant so that if you’re nervous during your interview, it doesn’t show in your armpits! Visit the washroom a few minutes before the interview to check for food residue stuck on your teeth or for any tears or stains on your clothing. Lastly, pop a breath mint and you’re all set to dazzle them!

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