A wave of economic transformation is on the horizon for traders in Embu County as plans unfold for the construction of six modern markets. The new markets are poised to invigorate commercial activities while also establishing a much-needed avenue for the sale of agricultural produce.

Two of these markets are already in progress, including the state-of-the-art Embu Town Market, with an estimated cost of Sh900 million. Additionally, the nearly complete Kithimu Market, which comes at a cost of Sh20 million, is set to provide a modern trading platform for local residents. Alongside these ongoing developments, the county has also announced the advertisement of four more market projects.

The four upcoming markets, Makutano in Mbeere Constituency, Ugweri and Karurumo in Runyenjes Constituency, and Mbuvori in Manyatta, are projected to further bolster economic activities across the county. This ambitious market expansion initiative builds upon the Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP) markets initiated in 2007, which are now gaining momentum to uplift the livelihoods of farmers and traders.

Embu’s County Executive Committee member in charge of Lands, Mining, Physical Planning, Housing, and Urban Development, Raymond Kinyua, lauded the market development as a substantial stride towards poverty reduction and employment creation. During a visit to Kithimu Market, Kinyua emphasized the positive implications of these markets, creating conducive trading environments that shield traders from the unpredictable impacts of weather.

Consultations are actively underway with the State Department of Housing, Urban Development, and Metropolitan Affairs to ensure that the market renovations and designs are meticulously tailored to suit the distinct needs of the resident counties. The collaborative effort between various government departments underscores the commitment to optimizing these modern market spaces.

Kinyua expressed his contentment with the progress of the Kithimu Market project, revealing that it is nearly 90 percent complete and expected to commence operations within the next few weeks. As part of the market’s multi-purpose approach, open spaces within the facility will be transformed into ICT Hubs, fostering online work opportunities for young individuals. Furthermore, plans are in place to establish play areas for children and lactation rooms to support breastfeeding mothers.

The pursuit of modern markets is aligned with Embu County’s comprehensive strategy to bolster local economies and offer enhanced trading experiences. These developments signify a concerted effort to nurture business growth and provide vital infrastructure that aligns with the evolving dynamics of trade and commerce.

As the county takes substantial steps towards creating thriving marketplaces, Embu anticipates reaping the economic rewards of its investment in modern infrastructure that facilitates trade, stimulates economic activities, and uplifts the overall standard of living for its residents.

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