East African Breweries Limited (EABL) has introduced a consumer promotion known as ‘Tujengane’, with a budget of Ksh100 million. This initiative aims to appreciate around 200,000 customers and enhance their lives by offering rewards such as cash, cars, motorcycles, and other prizes.

Key Points.

  • Rewards for customers; 200,000 loyal clients will be granted cash rewards, brand new cars, motorcycles, and other prizes in the program.
  • Community impact: The initiative not only focuses on rewarding winners but also on making a positive difference in society through sustainable projects.
  • Participation process: Consumers can join by purchasing one of EABLs spirits brands and inputting a code found on the bottle.

Changing Lives with Tujengane Campaign

The Tujengane campaign aims to celebrate unity and collaboration among citizens. EABLs Commercial Director Joel Kamau stressed that the campaign will positively change the participants lives by appreciating their loyalty to EABL brands. As per Kamaus statement the lives of 200,000 consumers will see transformation due to the Tujengane campaign.

Brand Manager Lilian Mbugua pointed out that the campaign is structured to recognize customers and engage them in making an impact, within their communities. She mentioned that customers will have the chance to win prizes, such, as cash rewards, vehicles, motorcycles and more.

Cash Rewards and Community Initiatives

The initiative plans to grant Ksh1 million in cash rewards to four consumers. Half of the prize money will go directly to the winners while the other half will be used for projects selected by the winners to benefit society. This strategy underscores the campaigns commitment to promoting sustainability and community progress.

Moreover, EABL will show appreciation to its patrons by covering their rent as part of the initiative. This financial assistance aims to lighten consumers load and offer them avenues for a quality of life.

How to Participate

Consumers can take part in the program by purchasing one of EABLs spirits brands like Kenya Cane, Orijin, Triple Ace, Smirnoff, Cane Extra, Chrome Gin Chrome Vodka, Gilbeys or Captain Morgan. Each bottle comes with a code that participants can send a text message (SMS) to 20405 for a chance to win different prizes.

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