In a resounding stride towards gender diversity and empowerment, Bamburi Cement and Isuzu East Africa (EA) have come together to celebrate a group of accomplished truck drivers. Among them are seven remarkable women who have successfully completed the Isuzu EA Drivers Academy’s training, solidifying their skills and commitment to the trucking industry.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to not only enhance driving proficiency but also strengthen road safety, foster employability, and bridge the gender gap in the male-dominated world of trucking. The Bamburi Cement Women on Wheels (WoW) programme has been a driving force behind this endeavor, propelling women into a field that has long been associated with men due to its demanding nature and extensive travel.

The Bamburi Cement Group CEO, Mohit Kapoor, emphasized the significance of this achievement, stating, “The successful completion of the course by the seven women at Isuzu EA Drivers Academy demonstrates the company’s commitment to closing the gender gap in the trucking industry.” This commitment reflects the broader scope of Bamburi Cement’s sustainability programs, aligning with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as well as health, safety, and environmental agendas.

The Isuzu EA Drivers Academy, established in 2019, stands as a cornerstone of rigorous training, equipping drivers with essential motoring values and in-depth road safety knowledge. The successful certification of these women is a testament to the academy’s effectiveness and dedication to shaping skilled and responsible drivers.

Rita Kavashe, the Managing Director of Isuzu EA, shared her optimism regarding this milestone, stating, “Today marks a positive step forward for the Isuzu EA fraternity as we remain confident that the newly certified drivers — will indeed build on our commitment to provide reliable, efficient transport services to Kenyans.” This affirmation resonates with the broader purpose of this venture: to ensure that the drivers not only contribute to the industry but also fulfill the evolving needs of the Kenyan population.

Historically, the trucking industry has been synonymous with men due to the demanding nature of the profession—requiring long hours, extensive travel, and adeptness with heavy machinery. However, the landscape is shifting, and more women are boldly entering this realm, challenging stereotypes and transforming perceptions.

The collaboration between Bamburi Cement and Isuzu EA is a shining example of how industries can evolve by embracing diversity and providing opportunities for women to excel in traditionally male-dominated sectors. As these seven women stand as pioneers in their own right, their success serves as an inspiration for future generations of female truck drivers. This stride towards inclusion and empowerment echoes across Kenya and beyond, reminding us that change is possible, and the road ahead is paved with possibilities.

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