Superheroes have not only zoomed out of comic books and on to movie screens, they’ve infiltrated our wardrobes and wallets as well. Fashion designers and stylists, sensing a profitable market, have been for some years now incorporating elements of the superhero look into clothes, accessories and even hairstyles. Have you secretly envied the dark sexiness of Batman’s costume or Superman’s slicked back locks? Explore these tips on sporting the superhero look:


This early superhero (and his nerdy-but-sweet alter ego, Clark Kent) is an evergreen icon. Wear a T-shirt with the Superman logo under a polo shirt and you’ll look like the bespectacled reporter about to transform into the Man of Steel!


The Caped Crusader sports a classic black and grey look that still awes. All you need is a black shirt with the famous yellow logo of a bat. Ideally, this shirt should be distressed to suggest Batman’s 1939 vintage. Sling it on over jeans and you’re set to conquer. If you’re an older fan, experiment with playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne’s style. The man behind the superhero prefers the formal look consisting of faultless dark suits, black tie, blazers, silk cravats and never a hair out of place!

Green Lantern Eye-blinding green teamed with black, sported by Green Lantern superheroes isn’t quite office wear. However, on the party circuit though, it’s bound to grab eyeballs. Team that with messy hair (streaked with gold, if you have the nerve) and scorch the dance floor. Oh, and don’t forget to flaunt a power ring!     
 The Punisher Dark, high-sleeved tee shirt cut to show those biceps, and short, tousled hair falling over the forehead was a look carried off superbly by Frank Jane, playing the vigilante anti-hero. Think you can carry this off?
Star Wars Top designers like Balenciaga were inspired by Star Wars to bring out a space-age styled fall collection back in 2007. It’s an easy look to borrow from, with knee-length jackets, loose-fitted trousers, boots, all in shades of khaki and brown. Hair is soft and floppy.
 Spiderman  Peter Parker, the boy who became Spiderman, is all about casuals wear: jeans, simple tees worn under a plain jacket, old-fashioned spectacles and a short, preppy haircut. He can look rather smart on a date, with a short, well cut jacket. Just replace the plain tee with one featuring Spidey’s red and black mask to let everyone know who lurks under your simple exterior!
An easy option is to pick from a range of clothing, sweatshirts, long-sleeved tees, hoodies, belt buckles, caps and footwear, featuring logos or likenesses of a host of superheroes ranging from Flash, Iron Man and Wolverine to Captain America and Hulk. Go ahead, celebrate the superhero within you!

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