If you are selling your home in Kenya, recent changes in municipal laws require homeowners to obtain additional certificates before a transfer of ownership can occur.

In addition to the previously required Electrical and Beetle certificates, homeowners are now also required to obtain a Gas certificate and a Plumbing/Water certificate. Let’s take a look at these to see the reason behind the new requirements.

Electrical Certificate:

An Electrical Certificate of Compliance is required before the local authority will connect the electricity supply for a new owner. Normally this certificate is obtained by the seller and passed to the purchaser and it remains valid for as long as there are no additions or changes to the electrical installation at the property.

Beetle Certificate:

Beetles can infest the timbers of your house, especially the roof trusses. A beetle infestation certificate guarantees the absence of beetles from the property. Many such certificates only cover certain types of beetle, so it is wise to ensure that your certificate covers all types.

Gas Certificate:

One of the new requirements, the gas certificate has been introduced for safety reasons. Gas leaks can be very dangerous and expensive to repair, so a certificate guaranteeing the security of the gas fittings and fixtures is a welcome addition. These must be issued by an authorised gas dealer.

Plumbing/Water Certificate:

Water leaks, as well as causing damage to the property, are a waste of a valuable resource. The plumbing/water certificate, which guarantees that plumbing works in the property comply with the correct standards, is another certificate required when selling your property. It must be issued by a registered plumber.

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