MultiChoice, the folks behind DStv, have decided to make a few adjustments to their subscription rates for commercial users. And this seems to be the trend lately with subscribers facing price hikes every now and then compared to pre-covid period.

It’s Time to Adjust the Antennas!

Listen up, business owners subscribed to the DStv business package! Starting August 1, the subscription rates will be getting a little makeover. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Mambo vipi? What’s the deal?” Well, let’s dive in and find out!

Stay Ultra, Stay Essential, and Stay Basic

If you’re rocking the Stay Ultra package, you’ll be paying Sh2,875 instead of the current Sh2,780. Stay Essential subscribers will now shell out Sh2,150 instead of the previous Sh2,080. And for all our Stay Basic friends, the new rate is Sh1,350 instead of the earlier Sh1,280.

Play Ultra, Play Essential, and Play Basic

Now, let’s talk about the Play packages! Play Ultra subscribers, get ready to spend Sh13,300 instead of the previous Sh12,960. Play Essential users, you’ll now be paying Sh8,500 instead of the former Sh8,280. And for our Play Basic squad, the new rate is Sh4,900 instead of the earlier Sh4,790. The game’s changed, folks!

Work Ultra and Work Essential

Attention, Work package users! The Work Ultra subscription will now cost you Sh5,000 instead of the current Sh4,860. And for our Work Essential peeps, get ready to pay Sh1,700 instead of the previous Sh1,660.

More Changes and Updates

The Stay Segment Specialist Add-On package rates will increase by just Sh10, now retailing at Sh420. And if you’re enjoying the XtraView package, which lets you have three DStv decoders with the same number of channels at the cost of just one subscription, you’ll be paying Sh2,700 instead of Sh2,600.

Staying True to Great Value

Now, before you start worrying about your popcorn budget, let me tell you this: DStv promises to offer the most competitive pay-TV offering and even greater value! So, while the rates have been adjusted a bit, you can still count on DStv to keep your guests, patrons, customers, and staff informed, entertained, and up-to-date with genre-specific content that suits your business needs!

Changes Across the Board

And in case you’re wondering, these adjustments come not only for the commercial class but also for all DStv and Gotv packages. It’s a wave of change, my friends! Subscribers from DStv Access to DStv Premium will see some adjustments in their rates too.

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