Biking enthusiasts will tell you how exhilarating it is to bike around, either as a hobby or mode of transportation, and they’re right! Here’s your quick guide to everything you need to know before you invest in a bike.

What to consider before buying a bike

Where to buy: You can buy a bike from your local supermarket, a bike specialty store, a discount shop or on bidorbuy.
Your usage: Determine what your primary usage is going to be (commute, adventure, leisure, exercise etc.) and then go from there.

Types of bikes

There are mainly three types of bikes for you to choose from:

Road bikes: Designed for everyday travel on pavements at high speeds, these bikes have a lightweight construction and thin tyres. You’ll be slightly bent over when you ride a road bike.
Mountain bikes: Meant for riding through the woods, these bikes feature wide tyres with treads and are built to last. Riders typically ride these in an upright manner.
Hybrid bikes: A blend of features of road and mountain bikes, these are great for short trips around the town. They come with skinny tyres and bigger wheels, are faster than mountain bikes and facilitate an upright riding posture.

Top bike brands

Before choosing a brand, do your research, list the features that matter to you and then go for cosmetic preferences. Generally speaking, well known bike brands like Trek, Giant, Cannondale, Mongoose, Fuji, Huffy, Klein, GT, Gary Fisher, Cervelo and Rocky Mountain will never let you down.

Bike accessories

Consider buying some of these bike accessories
Floor pumps or mini pumps to inflate your tyres.
Water bottle and bottle holder/cage to keep hydration handy.
Handlebar bags and seat bags for storage (for snacks, maps, spare parts etc.)
Biking shoes for roads and mountains, designed for maximum protection and power transfer.
Clothing such as shorts and jerseys to keep you cool as well as bike raingear, socks and tights.

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