Absa Bank Kenya and Visa have joined forces to bring you an exciting new payment solution dubbed Absa Mobi Tap. It’s like a tap dance for your wallet, but without the dancing shoes. This nifty little gadget allows businesses to accept card payments from customers using their trusty smartphones. Say goodbye to fumbling for cash or dealing with those ancient PDQ/POS machines!

Now, here’s the deal: at the moment, only Absa customers with Android phones can get in on the Mobi Tap action. But fear not, iPhone enthusiasts, for I’m sure they’ll expand their horizons soon enough. So, how does this magical Mobi Tap actually work? Well, it’s as simple as pie (or chapati, if you prefer). First, merchants need to download the Absa Mobi Tap app from the Google Play store. Once that’s done, they’ll set up their profile and voila! They’re ready to start accepting card payments.

When a customer wants to make a purchase, the merchant enters the amount, and then it’s showtime! The customer just taps their contactless card on the back of the smartphone and, if necessary, enters their PIN. Abracadabra, the transaction is complete! It’s like a magic trick, but with money instead of rabbits.

Now, this Absa Mobi Tap thingamajig is a game-changer for small business owners who don’t have those fancy-schmancy PDQ/POS machines. Finally, they can accept card payments without breaking the bank. And speaking of banks, Absa isn’t the only player in town. Just last week, Kenya Commercial Bank launched their own NFC payment platform with Visa. Looks like everyone wants a slice of the digital payment pie.

But wait, there’s more! Safaricom, the telecom giant, tried their hand at this game with their M-Pesa 1 Tap solution. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite take off like they hoped. Maybe it was missing a little pizzazz or a touch of magic. Nevertheless, Absa is here to shake things up and give small merchants another cashless option.

Eva Ngigi-Sarwari, the Visa Kenya Country Manager, is pretty stoked about it. She says, “Mobi Tap will not only make life easier for sellers, but it will also boost financial inclusivity for underbanked SMEs.” In other words, it’s a win-win situation. Plus, Kenya is all about being mobile-first, so why not make use of the technology we already have in our hands?

In case you haven’t noticed, Kenya is on a digitalization drive led by the government. They’re pulling out all the stops to make cash transfers speedy, reliable, and secure. Earlier this year, the Central Bank of Kenya introduced the Kenya Quick Response (QR) Code Standard 2023. It’s like a secret code, but without the secret decoder ring. This move is another step toward embracing the digital revolution and making our lives easier.

So, there you have it! Absa Mobi Tap is bringing the magic of contactless payments to businesses big and small. Whether you’re a ride-hailing driver, a restaurant owner, or even a salon or hardware shop, this little gizmo can help you ditch the cash and embrace the digital age. Who needs PDQ machines when you’ve got Mobi Tap? It’s time to tap, pay, and let the good times roll!

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