Looking for a way to make your listing truly stand out on bidorbuy.co.ke? Say hello to the “Top” Label – a powerful feature designed to give your ad a premium position and enhance its visibility among potential buyers.

What is the “Top” Label? The “Top” Label is a special designation that propels your listing to a prime spot within its category. It works similarly to BumpUp, ensuring that your ad is prominently displayed at the top of relevant search results, capturing the attention of users browsing the site.

Key Benefits of the “Top” Label:

  1. Maximum Exposure: The “Top” Label guarantees that your ad is one of the first things users see when they explore a specific category, providing maximum exposure.
  2. Extended Prominence: Enjoy an extended period of prominence, as your ad remains at the top for a set duration, allowing it to attract more views and potential buyers.
  3. Strategic Advantage: Gain a strategic advantage over other listings by consistently maintaining a top position, especially in competitive categories.

How to Apply the “Top” Label:

  1. Log In: Access your bidorbuy.co.ke account.
  2. Navigate to Your Listings: Head to your listed items or the “Sell” section.
  3. Select the “Top” Label: Choose the “Top” Label option for the specific ad you want to enhance.
  4. Make the Payment: Complete the transaction by paying the small fee associated with the “Top” Label service.
  5. Experience Prime Placement: Watch as your ad ascends to the top, enjoying a premium position for increased visibility.

Tips for “Top” Label Success:

  • Optimize Your Listing: Ensure your ad has compelling images and a detailed, accurate description before applying the “Top” Label.
  • Choose Strategic Timing: Apply the “Top” Label during peak browsing hours to maximize its impact.

Elevate Your Listing Today! Ready to make your ad stand out from the crowd? Apply the “Top” Label and experience the benefits of heightened visibility, extended prominence, and a strategic advantage over other listings.

With the “Top” Label, your listing takes center stage on bidorbuy.co.ke – because when it comes to selling, being at the top makes all the difference! Happy selling!