Looking to give your listing a premium spotlight and attract even more attention on bidorbuy.co.ke? Enter the “Featured” option – a dynamic feature designed to showcase your ad prominently, creating a powerful impact on potential buyers.

What is the “Featured” Option? The “Featured” option is an impactful advertising choice that elevates your listing to a highlighted position, ensuring it stands out in its category. Similar to “Top” and “BumpUp,” this feature enhances visibility, making your ad more noticeable and increasing its chances of getting noticed.

Key Benefits of the “Featured” Option:

  1. Prime Visibility: The “Featured” option places your ad in a prime position within its category, making it one of the first listings users see when exploring relevant sections.
  2. Enhanced Appeal: Enjoy an eye-catching distinction with a highlighted background or border, ensuring your ad captures attention and stands out from the rest.
  3. Extended Exposure: Your ad remains featured for a set duration, providing extended exposure and more opportunities to connect with potential buyers.

How to Feature Your Ad:

  1. Login to Your Account: Access your bidorbuy.co.ke account.
  2. Navigate to Your Listings: Go to your listed items or the “Sell” section.
  3. Select the “Featured” Option: Choose the “Featured” option for the specific ad you want to highlight.
  4. Complete the Payment: Finalize the transaction by paying the small fee associated with the “Featured” service.
  5. Watch Your Ad Shine: See your ad take center stage with enhanced visibility and a distinctive appearance.

Tips for “Featured” Success:

  • Optimize Your Listing: Ensure your ad has high-quality images and a compelling description before featuring it.
  • Select the Right Timing: Choose strategic times to feature your ad when your target audience is most active.

Feature Your Listing Today! Ready to make your ad unmissable? Feature it on bidorbuy.co.ke and experience the benefits of prime visibility, enhanced appeal, and extended exposure.

With the “Featured” option, your listing gets the attention it deserves, creating a lasting impression on potential buyers. Elevate your selling experience – feature your ad today! Happy selling on bidorbuy.co.ke!