Thanks to the M-PESA Foundation, around 60,000 people in Kenya are about to receive some serious help through medical camps in all 47 counties. And guess what? The first camp kicks off this week in Lamu County with a whopping investment of Kshs 46 million. That’s some serious moolah!

Now, let’s talk about how this money is going to make a difference. It’s going to be used for a whole range of healthcare goodies. We’re talking health information, medical equipment, drugs for general healthcare, screenings for non-communicable diseases, dental care, eye care, and managing diabetes and hypertension. They’re leaving no stone unturned, my friends.

The M-PESA Foundation is also putting in Kshs 1.7 million specifically to get essential drugs and surgical equipment for Lamu County. They’re really doubling down on making sure the local healthcare services get a boost. Stephen Kiptinness, the Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Safaricom, knows how important this is. He’s all about teaming up with different counties to tackle healthcare challenges head-on. And the foundation is determined to reach as many people as possible, ensuring that our communities get the healthcare they deserve.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the cool projects the M-PESA Foundation has already started. Have you heard of the Daktari Smart program? It’s a telemedicine project done in partnership with Gertrude’s Hospital Foundation. They’re bringing specialized care to folks in remote areas like Lamu, Homa Bay, Baringo, and Samburu counties. They’ve invested a whopping Kshs 168 million, and since 2021, they’ve been providing specialized healthcare to over 32,000 children. Talk about making healthcare accessible to everyone!

Oh, and we can’t forget about the Uzazi Salama reproductive health program. It’s set to help more than 90,000 people in Homa Bay County. The M-PESA Foundation joined forces with Flying Doctors to support a fistula program. They’ve already done surgical procedures and treatment for over 400 women since 2021. That’s some serious impact, my friends.

And here’s some more good news! Safaricom Foundation just unveiled the shiny, refurbished Kiwayu Dispensary in Lamu County. They’ve put in Kshs 2 million to make sure our community has easier access to healthcare services. They’re really going above and beyond, my friends.

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