The tech horizon in Nairobi is about to witness a significant expansion, as IXAfrica, a European tech firm, reveals plans to establish its second data centre hub in the Kenyan capital. This announcement follows the successful launch of their first data centre hub in 2021, making it clear that IXAfrica is committed to fortifying its presence on the African tech scene.

Partnering with Tilisi Developments PLC, a real estate developer, IXAfrica’s move involves securing 11 acres of prime land for the construction of this cutting-edge facility. The signing of a term sheet underscores the gravity of this initiative, and both companies are currently engaged in diligent preparations to determine the exact size of the forthcoming campus. Initial estimates point towards a robust 30MW-plus facility, highlighting the substantial nature of this endeavor.

In a joint statement, IXAfrica and Tilisi Developments PLC expressed their enthusiasm for this collaboration, underlining the venture as a milestone that propels the data center infrastructure in East Africa forward. IXAfrica’s chairman, Guy Willner, highlighted the belief in the region’s potential for growth and technological advancement, stating, “This expansion reaffirms our commitment to the region and our belief in its immense potential for growth and technological advancement.”

Drawing attention to the synergies of this partnership, Willner further elaborated on the benefits of Tilisi’s industrial parks. These parks, known for their high-quality development, reliable power, ample water supply, fresh air, and altitude conducive to free cooling, provide an ideal canvas for the new data centre campus. This environment becomes the stage for IXAfrica’s data centre operations to unfold.

The expansion carries significant implications for East Africa’s technological landscape. With cloud computing services, digital transformation, and edge computing applications on the rise, the new data centre campus is poised to meet the escalating demand. IXAfrica’s vision reaches beyond just meeting demand; it’s about playing a transformative role in the region’s technology ecosystem.

IXAfrica’s commitment involves not only providing state-of-the-art infrastructure but also championing sustainability. Green power solutions, advanced security measures, and efficient cooling mechanisms are at the core of their strategy. The blend of technological advancement and ecological responsibility encapsulates the forward-looking ethos driving IXAfrica’s initiatives.

Looking back to 2021, IXAfrica’s inaugural data centre campus was nothing short of groundbreaking. With an overarching design capacity of 22.5MW, it swiftly emerged as the largest data centre project in the region. As they gear up for their second venture, the momentum only intensifies.

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