Big news coming in from Andermatt, the fancy Swiss folks specializing in biological agricultural products. They’ve decided to set up shop right here in Kenya, bringing us a whole bunch of natural solutions to make our farms thrive. It’s like having a Swiss army knife of farming tricks, I tell you!

To show off their nature-powered prowess, Andermatt has gone ahead and created a cool demonstration farm in Naivasha. They’re doing some serious farming experiments there, growing crops and breeding beneficial insects. It’s all about proving that nature is the boss when it comes to boosting farm productivity, no matter if you’re a small-scale grower or a big-time farmer.

Now, this Naivasha farm is like the insect equivalent of a superhero headquarters. They’re breeding these little warriors called Phytoseiulus mites. These guys are the ultimate pest fighters, especially when it comes to battling those annoying red spider mites that wreck havoc on flowers. These Phytoseiulus mites can chow down on up to five adult spider mites or twenty of their eggs in a single day. Talk about being hangry for justice! Andermatt plans to produce a whopping 20 million of these mite warriors every week. It’s like having a whole army of pest-fighting ninjas!

Hamish Ker, the big cheese at Andermatt, is all about this natural control stuff. He says we need to ditch the chemicals and embrace the power of nature. With climate change and food security on our minds, it’s time to get serious about regenerative and sustainable farming. By using natural solutions, we can control pests, make our plants healthier, and boost productivity without wrecking the environment or burning a hole in our wallets. It’s a win-win situation, my friends!

Hamish says the key is to focus on the roots. Yeah, the roots! They’re the unsung heroes of plant growth. By making sure those roots are strong and healthy, our crops can slurp up all the good stuff from the soil. This means bigger stems, branches, and leaves. It’s like a plant gym workout, and the results? Oh, they’re gonna be fantastic! Healthy, happy crops ready for a bountiful harvest.

Andermatt’s not just thinking about big-shot farmers. They’re all about helping out our small-scale heroes, the backbone of our agricultural sector. By boosting the performance of our smallholder farmers, we can tackle food insecurity head-on and show climate change who’s boss. It’s like a farming revolution, right in our backyard!

So, at the Andermatt demonstration farm, they’re growing all sorts of popular crops like maize, Sukuma, potatoes, and more. They’re experimenting with root stimulation and soil conditioning to see how much productivity they can squeeze out of these babies. And let me tell you, the results are looking promising. With the right mix of treatments and beneficial microorganisms, these crops are thriving. It’s like a farm makeover show, and nature is the star!

Andermatt’s got this cool starter pack of microbe, macro, and micro-nutrients for farmers. They’ve got these special treatments that are like a VIP pass for seeds and roots. They’ve even got names like Bascillus (Rhizo Vital) and Trichoderma (Eco T). It’s like a fancy spa day for plants, giving them the boost they need to fight off diseases and grow strong.

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